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Janene Rees is a highly experienced tourism professional who has achieved great success in Australian tourism. Janene has been a very active participant in the inbound industry and achieves success through her ability to build and nurture business relationships particularly with the Asian inbound markets. Janene has spent considerable time developing an expert understanding of the culture, business practices and tourism markets of China and Korea specifically. Janene quickly realised the benefit of the inbound tour operator network and worked hard to build those relationships which in turn produced tremendous results for her product. I thoroughly recommend Janene for anyone looking to grow their inbound tourism markets.”


Gary O'Riordan

General Manager - AFTA - Australian Federation of Travel Agents

It has been my distinct pleasure to be associated with Martin Rees for the past 20 years.  He is a trusted colleague with profoundly audacious and novel perspectives on Organizational Development and Corporate Culture.  Martin’s expertise, passion and visionary leadership serve as the cornerstone for Rees International’s dynamic platform of Training, Consulting and Coaching.  Their approach to the international business climate presents a unique blend of experiential-based and results-driven programmes designed to impact every level of the organization.

Rees International is not merely expert at improving the organizational culture. More importantly, the primary focus is on “transforming” the strategic relationships and process dynamics within the organization.  Most impressive is the utilization of a values-driven context as the framework for the creation and sustainability of extraordinary results.  Clearly, Rees International delivers a myriad of custom programmes designed to maximize levels of engagement with every client regardless of size and scope.  Their process is challenging, illuminating, provocative and an undeniable prescription for “breakthrough performance.

Duane E. Smotherman

Senior Consultant & Executive Coach - Human Perspectives International USA

I had the opportunity to work closely with Marty delivering training and assessment services for a variety of both large corporations and SME’s. Marty pioneered the facilitative approach within the industry which changed the way in which training and assessment had been conducted. Through his methods, Marty increased the level of engagement of participants and that ensured a more enjoyable experience and enhanced learning outcomes.

I attribute much of my own success with concepts and methods I employ in my own training and assessment delivery today to my time with Marty.

Rod Beath

National Operations Manager - Large Multi-National

I have known and worked with Janene for over 10 years and travelled extensively with her on many trade / sales mission throughout Asia.

It would be very fair to say that Janene has triumphed in her endeavours to launch Australian tourism product into the Asian Sector with China as the standout market. Anybody that knows the Asian market would know too penetrate and leverage the business relationship to the level Janene has then convert to sales is unprecedented.

Janene has undertaken endless trips to all Asian countries to learn about their culture and how they operate to cement a long-term business partnership, resulting in excellent volume to the Australian businesses. Janene forte is the ability to identify solid business agreements, partnerships and sales channels that result in good yielding consumers and not the highly discount group business. If I was to recommend anyone from my tourism career network to talk and educate them on the Asian Sector and China Janene would be my first choice. Janene’s most up to date knowledge and business technique to deal in the Asian market space is second to none.

Peter Townsend

Head of Sales & Distribution - i Venture Card

I have travelled with Janene Rees quite extensively throughout Asia, namely in China, Vietnam and Thailand, on various business trips promoting our respective products. Janene’s deep knowledge of each market, and the key players within it, is truly impressive. Janene is regarded in the industry as being one of the leaders, especially in developing the market out of China. Her rapport with Asian buyers is outstanding and her collaborative approach has been invaluable to the industry overall.

Kate Marsden

Marketing Manager - Major Sydney and Australian Tourist Operator

We all hope in our career that we stumbled across that one Boss who is willing to give us a chance to become the success we know we can be, for me that man was Martin Rees.

Martin gave me with the opportunity to ‘test the waters’ in training by facilitating some local mining inductions and I loved it. Being appointed as the youngest female Facilitator in the Hunter Valley mining region was the kick start my career needed. For the past 10 years my career in training has gone from strength to strength I have worked for some incredible companies and had some amazing opportunities to develop my skills.

I can’t thank Martin enough for taking a chance on me, he was a great Boss.

Neilly O'Donnell

National Training & HR Design Consultant - McDonald Australia Ltd.