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“By engaging effectively with the Chinese Inbound market you can grow your business up to 50% or more. How do I know?  I’ve done it.”

Janene Rees – International Tourism Expert. Founder Rees International.

China is now Australia’s biggest inbound market segment, with over 1 Million Chinese tourists travelling to Australia in 2016 and it is expected to grow to 1.4 million by 2020. The latest figures released revealed that in 2016-17 the Chinese inbound market grew by 250,000 in the last 12 months, that’s an increase of 20%.

Rees International consultants have been successfully working in the China Market for over 10 years with multiple successful sales missions to China and Asia each year.


Why do you want Chinese Inbound Tourists?

  •  Over 1,400,000 Chinese inbound tourists in 2016
  • Expected to grow to 1.6 million by 2020
  • 30 million room nights
  • $4.7 Billion spend 2014 and growing! 60% of Chinese travelers are high yield Free Independent Travelers (FIT’s)
  • A reliable growing year round flow of inbound tourists – leading to sustainable tourism
  • A fun and dynamic market to work in.

China is the largest market in total expenditure and room nights. The average Chinese holiday maker stays 9.0 nights and spends $434 per night. (source: Tourism Australia).


Chinese enthusiasm for international travel continues, enabled by a strong economy and a growing middle class. The Chinese holiday market to Australia is a mix of travelers on group tours, which appeals to those new to international travel, and the more experienced outbound travelers who are choosing to travel independently, commonly known as free and independent travelers (FITs). FIT’S are the future, with some Chinese Online Travel Agents estimating the free independent travelers could be as high 80% of the market. 

As the Chinese travel market evolves, the demand for group leisure travel is unlikely to diminish, as a large proportion of the increase in Chinese outbound arrivals will be made by first-time outbound travelers. However, Chinese travelers making their second international trip and those in higher income brackets are more likely to opt for FIT travel. The Chinese FIT holiday market to Australia is growing faster than the other Eastern Markets.

“What’s in it for you?”

to engage with China Now with Rees International?


  • You will understand the unique benefits in the growing inbound Chinese tourism industry to Australia
  • You will understand Australia’s tourism relationship with the different Chinese market segments e.g. group travel, FIT’s, MICE, student and family reunions
  • You will be aware of Chinese tourists consumer expectations and general cultural characteristics and the regional differences in China
  • You will understand the inbound tourism distribution system and understand how to work with distributors including wholesalers, agents, inbound tour operators and online operators
  • You will understand online marketing and the power of social media in China such as WeChat, Weibo and Mafengwo
  • You will be aware of opportunities with your state or regional tourism organisations relating to China trade missions 
  • You will understand how to set price structures for your product (allowing for commissions, net rates and retail rates)
  • You will be aware of government grants and funding opportunities for your business through Austrade and other federal and state government departments
  • You will understand how to access translation/interpreting and consultancy services and the importance translated relevant resources into Mandarin and simplified Chinese, such as websites, business cards etc.
  • You will understand how to make a positive impression on Chinese a customer’s/business partners
  • You will have a basic understanding of  Chinese greetings in Mandarin e.g. hello, goodbye, good morning, goodnight and thankyou
  • You will enter a market that provides business all year round. This will help reduce your troughs in bookings and occupancy during your traditional low seasons. This is moving towards sustainable tourism
  • Most importantly your business will grow and you will have FUN working in the dynamic and fast growing market