Gary O’Riordan

18th July 2015

Janene Rees is a highly experienced tourism professional who has achieved great success in Australian tourism. Janene has been a very active participant in the inbound industry and achieves success through her ability to build and nurture business relationships particularly with the Asian inbound markets. Read More

Duane E. Smotherman

7th July 2015

Martin's expertise, passion and visionary leadership serve as the cornerstone for Rees International's dynamic platform of Training, Consulting and Coaching. Their approach to the international business climate presents a unique blend of experiential-based and results-driven programmes designed to impact every level of the organization. Read More

Rod Beath

7th July 2015

Marty pioneered the facilitative approach within the industry which changed the way in which training and assessment had been conducted. Through his methods, Marty increased the level of engagement of participants and that ensured a more enjoyable experience and enhanced learning outcomes. Read More

Peter Townsend

7th July 2015

It would be very fair to say that Janene has triumphed in her endeavours to launch Australian tourism product into the Asian Sector with China as the standout market. Anybody that knows the Asian market would know too penetrate and leverage the business relationship to the level Janene has then convert to sales is unprecedented. Read More

Kate Marsden

18th June 2015

Janene is regarded in the industry as being one of the leaders, especially in developing the market out of China. Her rapport with Asian buyers is outstanding and her collaborative approach has been invaluable to the industry overall. Read More

Neilly O’Donnell

7th June 2015

Martin gave me with the opportunity to ‘test the waters’ in training by facilitating some local mining inductions and I loved it. Being appointed as the youngest female Facilitator in the Hunter Valley mining region was the kick start my career needed. Read More