Head of Sales & Distribution - i Venture Card

I have known and worked with Janene for over 10 years and travelled extensively with her on many trade / sales mission throughout Asia.

It would be very fair to say that Janene has triumphed in her endeavours to launch Australian tourism product into the Asian Sector with China as the standout market. Anybody that knows the Asian market would know too penetrate and leverage the business relationship to the level Janene has then convert to sales is unprecedented.

Janene has undertaken endless trips to all Asian countries to learn about their culture and how they operate to cement a long-term business partnership, resulting in excellent volume to the Australian businesses. Janene forte is the ability to identify solid business agreements, partnerships and sales channels that result in good yielding consumers and not the highly discount group business. If I was to recommend anyone from my tourism career network to talk and educate them on the Asian Sector and China Janene would be my first choice. Janene’s most up to date knowledge and business technique to deal in the Asian market space is second to none.