Senior Consultant & Executive Coach - Human Perspectives International USA

It has been my distinct pleasure to be associated with Martin Rees for the past 20 years.  He is a trusted colleague with profoundly audacious and novel perspectives on Organizational Development and Corporate Culture.  Martin’s expertise, passion and visionary leadership serve as the cornerstone for Rees International’s dynamic platform of Training, Consulting and Coaching.  Their approach to the international business climate presents a unique blend of experiential-based and results-driven programmes designed to impact every level of the organization.

Rees International is not merely expert at improving the organizational culture. More importantly, the primary focus is on “transforming” the strategic relationships and process dynamics within the organization.  Most impressive is the utilization of a values-driven context as the framework for the creation and sustainability of extraordinary results.  Clearly, Rees International delivers a myriad of custom programmes designed to maximize levels of engagement with every client regardless of size and scope.  Their process is challenging, illuminating, provocative and an undeniable prescription for “breakthrough performance.